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POSVEND GmbH is your personal 3D-printing service and provider. We manufacture your prototypes, functional components, and small production runs using the FDM process. We engineer and print for both industrial purposes and private use.

If needed, we can also provide advice and support. Please feel free to contact us via telephone or email.

Our portfolio of materials includes PLA, PETG, ABS, and nylon carbon. The carefully selected materials are all of the highest quality and are given a superior finish. We use only the finest quality materials.

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Do you have a 3D model in either .step, .stl or .iges format and know exactly what you need? Then use our online 3D print calculator.

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We provide advice and support for the selection of the correct technology, the right materials, and a suitable finish.

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Do you need a small or medium-sized number of units (1-10,000 units) of a plastic component? Find out about the benefits of a 3D printed small production run here.

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So that you know exactly what we are talking about when we advise you, the following list gives you a rough overview of the materials we use in 3D printing

With IMPACT PLA you can achieve similar properties to ABS filaments. This technical filament ensures increased crack and break resistance of prints due to its high impact resistance and higher resistance to high temperatures. These features make IMPACT PLA ideal for creating demanding prints in extreme conditions, with the utmost attention to detail modelling.

Application Impact PLA:

PROTOTYPES: tools, conceptual models, connecting parts, mechanical parts, elements requiring resistance to higher temperatures.

SPARE PARTS: elements of machines, devices, vehicles, electronic equipment

TOOLS/parts: Rack and pinion drives, gears, high-strength components.

FINISHED PRODUCTS: containers, handles, latches

PLAY PIECES / PARTS Blocks, robots or parts thereof, elements of toy cars

The metallic finish makes it easy to hide the borders between layers, making the overall print more uniform and expressive.

Application Fibersilk:

DECORATIONS: Vases, lamps, figurines, Christmas decorations, jewelry

UTILITY ITEMS: Play pieces, desk organizers, box packaging

COSPLAY: Cosplay decorations, costumes and accessories

Thanks to its resistance to UV radiation, high temperatures and humidity, Fiberlogy ASA is the perfect choice for all 3D printing applications that are exposed to the elements. High mechanical and thermal resistance (up to 94 °C) as well as ease of printing make this material the successor of ABS and ensure its popularity in the automotive industry and in the production of everyday objects.

Application ASA:

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: Car and motorbike parts, accessories, spare parts.

SPORT: protectors, sports accessories, spare parts

HOUSE AND GARDEN: decorations, furnishings, tools

ELECTRONICS: Sensor and microcontroller housings

It is a material that looks like plaster casts. This characteristic feature combined with the precision of the print allows it to be used in architectural and art studios as well as detailed prototyping and modelling.

Application PLA Mineral:

MODELS: buildings, constructions, land use projects.

DECORATIONS: figures, sculptures, reliefs

MODELING: small elements that require high accuracy

PROTOTYPES: conceptual models, small parts

PA12+CF is successfully used in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries, in the manufacture of prototypes, drones and end products that require longer durability while reducing weight.

Application Naylon PA12 + Carbon Fibre

PROTOTYPES: Car parts, drones, highly durable mechanical components, replacement of metal elements, end products, part construction and tooling manufacturing.

This rubbery filament is well suited for numerous applications, both domestic and industrial. High impact strength, elongation strength (up to 6x) and compressive strength (up to 50%), resistance to chemicals and low temperatures make this filament a versatile material in 3D printing.

Application MattFlex 40D:

RUBBER MACHINE PARTS: Seals, elements that are frequently bent.

GADGETS OR PARTS THEREOF: Phone cases and housings, wristbands for watches

CONNECTING ELEMENTS: flexible hinges

TOYS OR TOY PARTS : tyres, rubber figures JEWELLERY: bracelets

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